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Watch a Video About The Social Determinants of Health

Watch a Video About Health Equity

Watch a Video About Why Equity in the Classroom is Important

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The Science of Addiction from the National Institute on Drug Abuse

Overcoming Stigma Resource Guide from SAMHSA

An Increasingly Common Opioid Additive: Xylazine Fact Sheet

Bemidji Area Domestic Violence Resource Guide 2023 from the Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Epidemiology Center

Is it Stress or Anxiety?

Helping Someone in Emotional Pain

Challenging, Sustaining, and Evolving: An Anthology on Youth Mental Health Advocacy (and Hope)


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A podcast about building positive emotions for farmers, farm families and agricultural professionals highlighted through the voices of those working, living and experiencing the joys and challenges of agriculture.

7 Episodes

This series highlights Native American resilience through and beyond trauma… exploring concepts, science, history, culture, stories and practices that we are working with as we seek to shape a future for our children and our grandchildren that is defined not by what we have suffered, but what we have overcome.

3 Seasons, 6 Episodes per season (and growing)

Today’s Farmers weather more stress than ever before. Our podcast seeks to share important information, tools, and hope through interviews with experts in Agriculture and special guests from Purdue University. The Tools For Today’s Farmers podcast is brought to you by the Purdue Extension Farm Stress Team. #farmstrong

Every other week since 2020

Exploring Rural Health is a podcast from the Rural Health Information Hub. In each episode, we’ll provide you with engaging and useful information about current issues facing rural healthcare, and talk to the people who are coming up with solutions. We’ll learn about various aspects of rural healthcare, from quality and access to programs and services. Join us each month, as we discuss new research, program implementation, and funding, here on Exploring Rural Health!

10 episodes (and growing)

Ben is a father, a husband, author, podcaster, meat eating, garden growing chiropractor. He is on a mission to bring our connection to nature and earth into the forefront of our journey for greater health and well-being.  He believes enjoying the earth beneath us is the only way to achieve sustainable health as an individual and continuous sustainability for the human race as a whole.

16 Episodes

From soil health to mental health we are discussing the need for A BIG SHIFT in #faming and #agricultural systems. Each episode brings together insights from #farmers, scientists and industry to share and grow knowledge about holistic and regenerative farming practices. Based on the Australian landscape, but applicable to rural communities across a variety of cultures.

33 Episodes

Brought to you by University of Hawaii College of Tropical Ag. and Human Resources (CTAHR), and the Seeds of Well-being (SOW) Project. This podcast is supported by the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network (FRSAN) grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture and Hawaii Department of Agriculture.

40 Episodes

AgriSafe has long been a trusted voice in the health and safety of the people who feed the world, and we’re excited to bring that to you in a new format. Tune in every month to hear the latest from health and safety experts in agriculture. Together we’ll tackle the safety issues important to the producers and ag workers.

30 Episodes

6 Episodes (and growing)

Supportive Apps

Mental health apps are a simple way to work on your mental health. Mental health apps aren’t designed to diagnose a condition or substitute care from a mental health professional. Still, they can support your overall mental health. Apps are a convenient way to get extra support between therapy sessions or office visits, and they can offer continued support after graduating from therapy. Mental health apps may provide activities, encouragement, and other techniques to practice daily. Many types are based on research and therapy techniques to provide evidence-based interventions.

Take a Tour of the “Got Your Back” App

Healthline Review conducted a rigorous vetting process of many mental health apps available online. They factored in many aspects, like if the company promotes a healthy approach to well-being and adheres to industry best practices. When choosing the best mental health apps, they considered the types of features available and if they were evidence-based. They also read dozens of customer reviews and considered the cost of the apps.

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